How to Change Touchpad Settings and Features on Toshiba Laptop?

Toshiba offers most affordable laptops to the users to enjoy the latest features that come with the latest technology. This brand has offered a wide range of laptop products related accessories. And, of course the users of this laptop need a support when some technical nuisance troubles them. The reason for technical error may differ according to the use of the system. If you are confronting trouble on touchpad of your system, then the settings can be changed as:

How to Change Touchpad Settings and Features on Toshiba Laptop?
  • Turn On your Toshiba laptop and login as an administrator to reach the desktop screen.
  • Go to Start button or press Windows key to type Mouse in the search box.
  • When the option found click it to open a new small window of Mouse Properties.
  • Go to Advanced tab and select advanced features settings button.
  • A new settings box will display on the screen, select Touch Pad.
  • Now, you can make changes to its settings and when done click ‘Save’ to apply the changes.
  • For an example to enable/disable scroll ability of the touchpad. Follow the instructions:
    • Go to Touch pad settings as mentioned above.
    • Verify if Use Scroll function option is checked. If not, checkmark the box to enable this feature.
    • Now, to describe the scroll area of the touchpad, go to Settings button. Doing this will open a new window of Touch pad settings.
    • Click Scroll Area tab and select the area of the touchpad that responds to the scroll function.
    • If it doesn’t work then visit the Toshiba website for troubleshooting this error.

Please note that the instructions given above may slightly differ according to the model of your laptop. The accurate location within the Mouse Properties might be slightly different. You can search it from Device Settings or Advanced option.

Avail dedicated support by making a call at Toshiba Technical Support Australia 1-800-431-355 that covers all issues confronted by the user on a Toshiba laptop. The customers are guided with complete instructions to solve the issue and our engineers make sure that the customer is comfortable to discuss the problem freely. We offer support to everybody at anytime and anywhere. Despite all the excellent features of Toshiba laptop, users face technical issues and in such case, we help the users by providing relevant measures. So, do contact without any delay.

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